Hello, my name is Lucija and I hope you share my enthusiasm and love for the concept my associates and I created here in Jadera Secrets. 

Hello, my name is Lucija and I hope you share my enthusiasm and love for the concept my associates and I created here in Jadera Secrets. 

Like lots of small businesses, this project is a reflection of personal interests, experience, knowledge and passion of its founders. I entered the world of innovative group activities back in 2015 in Zagreb when I started working in an escape room company. I immediately knew it would be more than just a student job for me.

Logic puzzles, playful atmosphere and most importantly interesting players and colleagues are what led me to create Jadera Secrets. After thousands of happy people that I hosted there, I wished to bring the same kind of excitement to my hometown.

There were no similar activities in Zadar for people to enjoy, so I decided to start my own business!

The thing that inspired me the most is the positive feedback of players who were almost surprised by how much fun they had, because escape games were a new concept in Croatia back then.

Also, different players experience the same game in so many different ways, so it was always dynamic, new and fun for me to lead them through this experience as their game master. All in all, in a world where we are stuck to screens for a big part of our day, escape games bring us back to interactive, live playing in real life. People don’t even know they miss it, until they try it.

Another part of me that is embroidered in Jadera Secrets is the love for my beautiful hometown, Zadar. My team and I decided to create an outdoor escape game – instead of staging the adventure in a confined space, we wanted to let the challenge emerge from the marvelous sights in Zadar’s ancient city centre. This interactive tour gives people a chance to look at the town differently and actually soak in the beauty of details. 

Today I am proud to say that people from all over the world have met Zadar through Jadera Secrets in the past 5 years and it also gave locals a chance to see their hometown in a new way. So many groups of families, friends, couples and work colleagues enjoyed our tour and this I find as my biggest accomplishment.

After the great reception in Zadar, in 2023 we decided to spread this concept to another Dalmatian gem – Dubrovnik. In cooperation with Hunter Games we launched a sightseeing escape game on a mobile app in the Pearl of the Adriatic. 

The Jadera Secrets team is excited to see which magnificent town we can play in next – so feel free to contact us if you have an idea for a similar project and join us on our quest to give people a sightseeing experience they will always remember!

Discover the most beautiful sights in the Old Town while following an authentic Zadar story and having fun.