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What is Jadera Secrets?
Jadera is an interactive logic game that allows visitors to explore Zadar’s sights and culture. To complete the challenge, players have to explore all the main sights of the Peninsula, and the story they follow through solving is very closely linked to the history of the city.
Jadera is the old name for the city of Zadar. The city has been inhabited since the Stone Age and many secrets will never be discovered, but one, ours – can only be discovered if you engage in this challenge.

How do we start the game?
At the beginning of your adventure, you will get a mysterious wooden suitcase with 6 locks that you need to open by solving fun riddles at the most famous sights of the Old Town. Each time you unlock a part of the game, you will get a small wooden tablet that unveils the next location and a new riddle.

What about the digital version of the game?
For the digital version, there is no need to book a time slot, you can just take your smartphone, download the app and start strolling through Zadar whenever you want! Click here to get more info!

What to bring with us?
Jadera Secrets is not a physically demanding activity, but because of the old paved streets in Zadar, we would advise comfortable footwear. „Lito“- as we call summer in Zadar, is very hot so be sure to bring some water.

Is it a guided tour?
The host welcomes you and explains the rules before you start your game. We do not go with you, so that you can have a comfortable private atmosphere and enjoy the experience to the maximum in company of your small group. However, if you get stuck and need some help or advice, you can reach us by phone that we provide you to have during the whole game.

Is the game difficult?
Depends on who you ask, and we can’t wait to hear your answer! Either way, your effort will certainly be worth it because, in addition to the wonderful experience, you will also receive a reward at the end of your trip – an award that has been hidden in the walls of Jadera for centuries.

Is the game suitable for children?
Of course! Though the secrets and puzzles are primarily intended for adults, children are very happy to participate in solving and researching. It’s fun for all ages!

What is the duration and the price of the game?
The game lasts 75 minutes and is intended for a group of 2-5 people. As a part of your adventure, we will also give you tickets to the wonderful Museum of Ancient Glass.


2 players – 45 euros

3 players – 50 euros

4 players – 55 euros

5 players – 60 euros


Payment is made in cash on site.


If there is more than 5 of you in your group – this is what we call a true challenge! Take two games at the same time and see which team is better and who will finish the game first.
For reservations of larger groups, please send an inquiry to our email.

How to book a game?
Use any of our social media pages or send us an email.
You can also simply give us a call!

Where can we find you?
In the shade. It is „lito“, after all.  (explanation above). We are located in the beautiful Museum of Ancient Glass, at Poljana Zemaljskog Odbora 1, on the grandiose walls of Jadera. You will find us inside the Museum, waiting for you with a big smile on our faces. See you there!